Sally Cunningham -  The person to ask about plants

Author and Garden Writer

I have written for many magazines including Grow Your Own, The Organic Way, Allotment and Leisure Gardener, Organic Living, Spice!, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Garden Answers, Organic Living, UK Permaculture and the Herb Society Journal.


Asian Vegetables- A Guide to Growing Fruit, Vegetables and Spices from the Indian Subcontinent. Published by Eco-logic Press 2009. Available from

Ecological Gardening. Published by Timber Press 2010.Available from

Sowing New Seeds a guide to growing unusual crops in the UK. By Sally Cunningham and Anton Rosenfeld, published by Garden Organic 2013.

Asian Vegetables

Ecological Gardening

Please contact me about any of these publications. Or contact me about articles or papers I could write for you, or any collaborations we could undertake together. I have vast experience in drawing/painting plants and insects from life! Could these be what you are looking for to complete a book?

Sally Cunningham - the person to ask about plants

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